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HWHL was established in 2006 and is now responsible for the promotion and statutory management requirements associated with looking after the Hadrian's Wall World Heritage Site.

HWHL has developed its Strategy and Investment Programme aimed at building a 10 mile corridor north and south of Hadrian's Wall (Hadrian's Wall Country Corridor) into an internationally renowned heritage and landscape visitor destination.  The current visitor offer has been described as lacking a cohesive visitor experience.  HWHL's Strategy and Investment Programme for the WHS is designed to change this, driving up not only the quality of the visitor offer at the Hadrian's Wall visitor sites, but the whole visitor experience - from marketing and branding; the quality of the accommodation offer; the opportunity to buy local produce and crafts, to the promotion of change across the HWC Corridor supporting business growth, community engagement, and access and conservation.

HWHL appointed GENECON in summer 2010 to review the potential economic impact of its Investment Programme.  The basis of the analysis undertaken is a forecasting / projection exercise for the potential impact on the domestic and overseas tourist markets of the HWC Corridor at three levels of effect, low or 'slow' growth, 'medium' and the high or 'optimum' scenario.

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