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Delivering Science Parks and Technopoles

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GENECON has advised on funding proposals for investment in Science Parks, technopoles and university-led R&D facilities across the UK. We have examined a range of schemes based on size, activities, facilities and sector focus, analysing the potential benefits and impacts on place economies. Examples include:

  • NETPark - a Durham-based science park focusing on supporting companies that are developing technology and products in the physical sciences, particularly printable electronics, microelectronics, photonics and nanotechnology;
  • Daresbury Science & Innovation Campus - a leading location for hi-tech business and leading edge science in Cheshire.  It provides a unique environment for innovation and business growth, with knowledge sharing, collaboration and networking.
  • Brighton Technopole - a university-aligned innovation park provinding a highly specialised facilities and associated support infrastructure designed to stimulate the growth of SMEs using the technology and research expertise of Sussex and Brighton Universities.
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