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Canning Town Centre

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The regeneration of Canning Town and Customs House has been a priority project for the London Thames Gateway Development Corporation (LTGDC). It forms part of LTGDC's focus on the regeneration of the Lower Lea Valley as an environment in which to bring forward thousands of new homes and jobs.

Canning Town has long suffered from its relative isolation, cut off by metropolitan scaled infrastructure and sliced in two by the A13 motorway and its accompanying slip roads and roundabouts.  As such, investment at Canning Town is viewed as a critical first phase that will help to underpin the process of delivering this wider opportunity.  In its May 2006 "Vision for Lower Lea Valley" report, the LTGDC describes the Valley as the "largest remaining regeneration opportunity in inner London", and pinpointed Canning Town as a key gateway to the area.

GENECON led the preparation of a detailed Green Book appraisal of the LTGDC's proposals for Canning Town., securing approval for £17m in enabling infrastructure investment and strategic acquisitions.

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