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Britain's Energy Coast - Nuclear Skills Supply Chain

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A critical Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) led initiative for ensuring the UK's civil nuclear decommissioning programme has been the establishment of the National Skills Academy for Nuclear (NSAN).  The NSAN is a hub and spoke network of delivery centres, with the NSAN setting a national approach to skills, occupational standards and qualifications to be used throughout the UK's nuclear industry.  The NSAN network includes the establishment of the Energus as the delivery centre in Cumbria serving West Cumbria's five nuclear sites.  Energus opened its doors during 2009 providing vocational training for adults and apprenticeships, and the delivery of undergraduate engineering training.

Given the current focus on decommissioning in West Cumbria, Energus is initially targeting this sector of the industry (i.e. the skills required for decommissioning, management and reprocessing).  However, over time, the strategic plan is for Energus to broaden its remit to include the environmental remediation and carbon free industries.

GENECON with support from White Young Green led a process of engagement with West Cumbria's nuclear supply chain through interviews, workshops and a questionnaire survey to help shape the range of Energus' service offer; to help map the likely scale of demand from the supply chain, and to identify skills shortages and priority training needs.

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