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Impact measurement

Impact measurement

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Understanding 'what works' and applying lessons to new circumstances is critical to innovating policy and refreshing local economic programmes.

Identifying the real effects of investment, through robust impact measurement ensures that policy makers are fully informed of the potential consequences of future actions and can adjust investment choices to maximize local benefits.

GENECON has wide experience of applying HM Treasury 'Green Book' and associated methodologies to economic impact assessments.

We have

  • developed bespoke economic impact tool for Essex County Council to guide capital project priorities;
  • prepared an economic model to measure the potential impact of Devolution 'asks' for Tees Valley Unlimited;
  • assessed the impact of Local Growth Fund investments across several LEP areas;
  • prepared an economic impact assessment of Dogger Bank and East Anglia offshore wind farms, the largest development of their kind in the world;
  • measured the economic benefits of proposed flood defence measures in Calderdale;
  • developed an economic model to assess the economic impact of East Sussex County Council's £500m Capital Programme;
  • measured the impact of investments in the science sector as part of the North West Science Fund and the merger of two universities in Manchester;
  • modelled the economic impact of university-related developments in York, Lancaster, Salford and Wolverhampton;
  • assessed the economic impact of national heritage and cultural assets such as Hadrian's Wall and the Turner Gallery and Yorkshire's regional heritage base;
  • developed innovative new approaches to measuring the economic and social impacts of  'Green Infrastructure' and urban  public realm improvements
  • evaluated the role of Employment & Skills Boards in the South East;
  • assessed the role and impact of Hull City Build, the city's Urban Regeneration Company;
  • evaluated rural and agricultural sector investments in the North East and Yorkshire's Renaissance Market Towns Programme.