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Funding strategies and bids

Funding strategies and bids

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Successful funding strategies and bids require not only well conceived proposals but strong and well evidenced advocacy documents - and only the most compelling cases will succeed.

This is GENECON's core business - we have a distinguished track record in navigating and securing funding approvals at all levels of Government.

We have:

  • Worked closely with Local Enterprise Partnerships in establishing Growing Places Fund mechanisms and appraising bids;
  • Supported local authorities and private sector interests on bidding strategies for the Local Growth Fund and Regional Growth Fund;
  • Secured a major RGF award for Haribo's new production plant in Yorkshire;
  • Prepared the successful business case for the Government's Capital Grant scheme for the Leeds Enterprise Zone and the Able Marine Park EZ;
  • Advised RDAs and private developers on ERDF business cases;
  • Prepared many successful bids on behalf of former RDAs, local authorities and the HCA seeking project funding approvals from BIS, CLG and from Treasury;
  • Taken contentious cases through to the Government's Industrial Development Advisory Board;
  • Secured some of the largest funding approvals for economic development and regeneration projects, including for Middlehaven in Middlesbrough, Sheffield's New Retail Quarter, Canning Town in East London and  Daresbury Science Park in Cheshire;
  • Gained approvals for strategic land acquisitions by RDAs and the HCA, including Vaux Brewery site in Sunderland, HMS Daedalus in Havant and Barnsley's Metropolitan Centre.