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Efficiency & value for money

Efficiency & value for money

Efficiency and value for money reviews

In the new age of austerity, maximising the potential yield of investments and managing operational costs is fundamental.

GENECON has supported clients to analyse and then improve the efficiency of mechanisms for both external delivery and internal management, thus generating greater returns on regeneration investment.

We have

  • benchmarked the success of SEEDA's Business Incubator Programme;
  • assessed the performance of business incubators across South Yorkshire;
  • reviewed the delivery of Business Improvement Districts across the North West;
  • developed performance frameworks for Sunderland's Economic Masterplan, Bradford Centre Regeneration and the Academy for Sustainable Communities;
  • reviewed the Leeds Renaissance Partnership's business plan to align with partner strategies, funding programmes and priority investments;
  • advised on the appropriate operational responses to casino development legislation for Sheffield and Middlesbrough authorities;
  • reviewed of operational arrangements for local regeneration bodies, including Derby Cityscape, the East Kent Spatial Development Company, SENNTRi, and the Bristol and Walsall Borough Strategic Partnerships.