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Green jobs & low carbon futures

Supporting green growth and low carbon solutions

windmills in a row on cloudy weather

Growth in green jobs, supporting a low carbon future for the UK and protecting us from insecurity of energy supply are vital for a successful and competitive economy.

Offshore wind, carbon capture and storage and the use of biofuels are all key components of a sustainable energy strategy that will also safeguard and create new job opportunities across the country.

GENECON has advised local and regional organisations, port authorities and research and development institutions on the economic benefits of the low carbon sector and has helped to support investment in sustainable energy infrastructure through strategy development and guiding funding submissions. We are working closely with several local authorities and their partners in progressing Regional Growth Fund investment proposals to underpin local economic growth in the low carbon sector.

We led the economic impact assessment of the largest offshore wind farm in the world - Dogger Bank on behalf of the Forewind consortium.