making sense of place economics

Organising delivery

Future delivery of local growth and place-making needs to achieve ‘more for less’. Local investment plans and asset management strategies need to make sense in value for money terms. The response must be nimble and entrepreneurial. GENECON provides flexible resource, including interim management, to support investment planning and organisational change management.

Local authorities and public sector agencies are undergoing fundamental change - the delivery landscape across public services is being transformed. Decision-makers will increasingly focus on deliverability, investment mechanisms and governance arrangements when examining the case for funding. And Local Enterprise Partnerships and Combined Authorites are building devolved decision-making capacity.

Successful delivery also requires strong advocacy and clear communication of ideas. GENECON's Directors can act as independent facilitators to run investment and change management workshops to build consensus on strategic direction, unlock delivery barriers and provide external challenge to improve efficiencies. Our extensive work on special purpose vehicles and new models of growth delivery gives us insight into some of the governance issues facing devloved agencies such as Local Enterprise Partnerships. And we understand how effective use of property assets can underpin change management and investment strategies in public and private sectors.

Public agencies face real delivery capacity issues in maintaining momentum in local growth in place economies. Defining skills needs and new approaches to delivery efficiency is critical. At GENECON we can offer clients a bespoke skills review, including capacity and capability gaps analysis, guidance on sources of training/CPD and tailored staff development programmes linked to place economics. Our project appraisal training for LEPss and local authorities  demonstrates our capability in this growing area of our business.

Key to our success in organising for delivery is in the art of our investment planning, the science of improving delivery efficiency and the collaboration in helping our clients to build effective local delivery capacity. Our core 'Organising for Delivery' services are detailed below.

Organising delivery services

  • Local investment planning

    Local investment planning

    Local stakeholders need clear frameworks to choose investment priorities and define local economic outcomes.

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  • Local delivery models

    Local delivery models

    Dynamic public-private partnerships can harness local delivery capacity to drive economic growth.

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  • Capacity building

    Capacity building

    New delivery skills are required to address local growth challenges and drive the Levelling Up agenda.

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  • Property and asset strategies

    Property and asset strategies

    Innovative approaches to property assets can unlock new investment opportunities and drive cost savings.

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