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GENECON's case for HS2 in Sheffield endorsed

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HS2 has confirmed that the proposed high speed station at Meadowhall is to be scrapped in favour of a route via Sheffield's Midland Station in the city centre following acceptance of the economic case orignally developed by GENECON in 2012.

The potential for a city centre station to deliver around 6,500 more jobs and associated GVA gains, referenced in the latest announcement, is based on modelling undetaken by GENECON on behalf of the City Council and subsequently endorsed by HS2. While at that time the option considered by GENECON was for a new station at the former Victoria station in the city centre, the proposals for Sheffield Midland are expected to bring similar added benefits in terms of driving growth and higher value business activity in the city. The GENECON report can be viewed here.