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Making cases

More than ever, making the case for public investment to support place economies requires both robust evidence and effective advocacy. GENECON has a distinguished national track record in applying advanced appraisal techniques in preparing business cases for investment in complex capital projects and local economic growth programmes.

Accessing highly competitive funding streams such as the Local Growth and Stronger Towns Funds and other sources requires clear evidence of private sector leverage and technically sound approaches to economic impact assessment and cost-benefit analysis. The Local Growth Fund, operated via LEPs under Growth Deals, has created opportunities to unlock key investments to deliver new infrastructure, jobs and housing. Clarity of objectives and outcomes for communities and local economies needs to be backed by incisive analysis, advanced appraisal methodologies and effective presentation to support the investment case.

GENECON offers extensive knowledge of public-sector decision-making processes and economic appraisal methodologies. Our work has secured funding approvals for some of the most significant growth and regeneration projects across the UK, at all levels of Government including Departmental and HM Treasury, and we have regularly presented cases on behalf of our clients at senior level decision forums. We work with project promoters to develop robust business cases and with LEPs and Combined Authorities as project appraisers to scrutinise  investment proposals in terms of value for money.

Key to our success in making cases is in the art of our strategic advocacy, the science of our clear analysis and deep understanding of 'Green Book' appraisal methodology and the collaboration in working as partners with our clients to drive results. Our core 'Making Cases' services are detailed below.

Making cases services

  • Feasibility & business cases

    Feasibility & business cases

    Future local growth requires innovative solutions. But key project proposals need to be fully tested in terms of feasibility, market and cost risks and delivery prospects.

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  • 'Green Book' Appraisals

    'Green Book' Appraisals

    Making the case for public funding in place economies involves critical appraisal of the effectiveness of a proposal in delivering policy objectives and its efficiency in value for money terms.

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  • Economic impact assessment

    Economic impact assessment

    Assessing the economic impact of project investments requires effective techniques to define impact mechanisms and measure likely outputs and outcomes.

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  • Funding strategies and bids

    Funding strategies and bids

    Successful funding strategies and bids require well conceived business cases and strong and well evidenced advocacy documents - and only the most compelling cases will succeed.

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