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Innovating policy

The dynamics of place economics requires continual refresh of public policy. Understanding 'what works' is essential in promoting innovative policy and best practice. GENECON leads policy development and evaluation across all aspects of place economics, helping to refine economic programmes, measure impacts and define what works in achieving local growth more efficiently.

Innovation in place economics policy underpins business confidence and guides investment priorities. The growth of innovative new sectors of the economy - low carbon activities, advanced technologies, creative industries, all need clear and proactive Government policy support. The Government's Industrial Strategy has confirmed its intention to focus on business sectors with demonstrable growth potential and which exploit new technologies and global markets. Delivering these ambitions requires advanced approaches to policy collaboration between Government, business and University sectors. And the commitment to strategic infrastructure such as High Speed rail and off-shore wind energy generation create new opportunities across the UK economy.

At GENECON, we work across this 'triple-helix', assembling the supporting evidence to inform economic and spatial policy development, to evaluate impacts and to set investment priorities. Our work has included the evaluation of major Government funding programmes such as the Rural Development Programme and review of business support initiatives, including the Manufacturing Advisory Service and University R&D collaborations. We are appointed to a national economic advisory panel for HS2. We have assessed the economic value of heritage and Green Infrastructure for Government agencies and formulated a developer toolkit to unlock the delivery of major physical regeneration projects across the North of England. And we have advised on the implications for new delivery vehicles to support economic growth delivery.

Key to our success in innovating policy is in the art of our creative thinking, the science of our analysis and evaluation techniques and the collaboration in providing practical advice on place economics policy refreshment. Our core 'Innovating Policy' services are detailed below.

Innovating policy services

  • Place economic policy

    Place economic policy

    As place economies evolve, place policy must adapt to keep pace. Equally, innovative policy ideas can influence growth trajectories.

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  • Business sector growth plans

    Business sector growth plans

    Strong and vibrant local and national economies are characterised by successful, competitive and innovative businesses sectors.

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  • Impact measurement

    Impact measurement

    Understanding 'what works' and applying lessons to new circumstances is critical to innovating policy and refreshing local economic programmes.

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  • Efficiency & value for money

    Efficiency & value for money

    In the new age of austerity, maximising the potential yield of investments and managing operational costs is fundamental.

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