making sense of place economics

Changing places

Place economies are constantly changing. Imaginative yet realistic plans for local growth are central to capturing the interest of communities and investors, public and private. GENECON devises creative strategies to guide local growth and place-changing capital investment, delivering dynamic, entrepreneurial and sustainable place economies.

Growth is being driven at all levels of the UK economy, with real effects on our local economies. Understanding the drivers of growth is critical if realistic future roles and the economic potential of places are to be defined, reflecting functional economic geographies not administrative boundaries.

A clear understanding of the drivers of growth in key business sectors underpins GENECON's forward thinking plans for place economies. Our local economic assessments and place diagnostics help to identify economic needs and opportunities, inform future economic strategy and support project case-making.

Our work encompasses sub-national economic strategy at all levels - regions, cities, urban neighbourhoods, market towns, specific sites.  We have devised City-Region strategies, urban economic masterplans, area development frameworks and site-specific investment plans.

Key to our success in 'Changing Places' lies in the art of our creative approach, the science in our diagnostics, and the collaboration with our client teams and specialist  co-consultants. Our core 'Changing Places' services are detailed below.

Changing places services

  • Place assessments

    Place assessments

    Future local growth requires sound analysis and focused strategic thinking. The need for fresh intelligence and robust analysis of economic and social prospects has never been more acute.

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  • Local growth plans

    Local growth plans

    New functional economic geographies have been defined through Local Enterprise Partnerships and Combined Authorities. Incisive analysis and fresh thinking is required to identify the drivers and risks that will influence local growth prospects and trajectories for these redefined economic areas.

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  • Economic masterplans

    Economic masterplans

    Effective delivery of local economic development needs a clear and robust plan for growth. Economic masterplans define how places will earn a living in the future and how their economies will be shaped on the ground.

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  • Place investment frameworks

    Place investment frameworks

    Establishing long term strategies for place economies, is essential if private and public sector investments to support local growth are to be coordinated.

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