making sense of place economics

Incisive advice

Incisive Advice

Our trusted team - our talented team of advisors blends core skills in economics, financial analysis, economic geography, property development, town planning and management consultancy. Our team offers a deep understanding of the dynamics of local economic development and place economics - this has been built over many years across all sectors and geographies in the UK.

Our advisory heritage - we have developed the economic case to Government for public sector investment in some of the most complex economic development and regeneration projects nationally. We bring experience as former senior practitioners in public sector economic development and as leading private sector advisers in a global management consulting business.

Our nimble and entrepreneurial culture - we provide a lean, flexible and responsive approach in challenging economic conditions. Securing the best possible outcomes for our clients drives our business culture and we offer the flexibility needed to deal incisively with the changing course of our clients' needs. GENECON's Directors provide dedicated and visible leadership and management on all engagements, ensuring effective direction of our resources.