making sense of place economics

Delivery innovation

Innovation drives GENECON's business.

Delivery Innovation

Innovation drives GENECON's business.

Our clients rightly expect more than standard responses to complex economic challenges. It's our attention to robust evidence, case-making clarity and practical delivery enabling that they value. And they have confirmed our position as market leaders in the economics of place-making and local growth. This hard-earned market reputation has been built on a distinctive service offer that positions us as 'trusted advisors' not 'product-led consultants'. By tailoring our team, hand-picking our co-advisors and providing senior project leadership, we can provide a bespoke response to the specific circumstances and opportunities of the place or project in question. Our clarity of approach and our reputation for innovative strategy and delivery solutions sets us apart.

Our clients tell us what they think about GENECON - we've asked them.  They value:

  • Our creative yet realistic approach to economic strategies.
  • Our robust approach to project advocacy and case-making.
  • Our market leadership in Green Book economic appraisal.
  • Our innovation in responding to new policy initiatives.
  • Our experience of Government funding procedures.
  • Our understanding of the changing context for their activities.
  • Our flexible, team approach and knowledge sharing