making sense of place economics

Genecon - Making sense of place economics

GENECON is a specialist management consultancy supporting Government, local authorities, Local Enterprise Partnerships and the private sector in delivering local economic growth. We make sense of place economics - navigating the complexity of places, communities and economies to promote efficient and effective investment choices.

Making cases

Compelling business cases for local investment

Feasibility & business cases

Future local growth requires innovative solutions. But key project proposals need to be fully tested in terms of feasibility, market and cost risks and delivery prospects.

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'Green Book' Appraisals

Making the case for public funding in place economies involves critical appraisal of the effectiveness of a proposal in delivering policy objectives and its efficiency in value for money terms.

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Economic impact assessment

Assessing the economic impact of project investments requires effective techniques to define impact mechanisms and measure likely outputs and outcomes.

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Funding strategies and bids

Successful funding strategies and bids require well conceived business cases and strong and well evidenced advocacy documents - and only the most compelling cases will succeed.

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Changing places

Creative plans for local growth

Place assessments

Future local growth requires sound analysis and focused strategic thinking. The need for fresh intelligence and robust analysis of economic and social prospects has never been more acute.

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Local growth plans

New functional economic geographies have been defined through Local Enterprise Partnerships and Combined Authorities. Incisive analysis and fresh thinking is required to identify the drivers and risks that will influence local growth prospects and trajectories for these redefined economic areas.

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Economic masterplans

Effective delivery of local economic development needs a clear and robust plan for growth. Economic masterplans define how places will earn a living in the future and how their economies will be shaped on the ground.

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Place investment frameworks

Establishing long term strategies for place economies, is essential if private and public sector investments to support local growth are to be coordinated.

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Innovating policy

Re-thinking local economic growth

Place economic policy

As place economies evolve, place policy must adapt to keep pace. Equally, innovative policy ideas can influence growth trajectories.

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Business sector growth plans

Strong and vibrant local and national economies are characterised by successful, competitive and innovative businesses sectors.

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Impact measurement

Understanding 'what works' and applying lessons to new circumstances is critical to innovating policy and refreshing local economic programmes.

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Efficiency & value for money

In the new age of austerity, maximising the potential yield of investments and managing operational costs is fundamental.

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Organising delivery

Entrepreneurial delivery of local growth

Local investment planning

Local stakeholders need clear frameworks to choose investment priorities and define local economic outcomes.

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Local delivery models

Dynamic public-private partnerships can harness local delivery capacity to drive economic growth.

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Capacity building

New delivery skills are required to address local growth challenges and drive the Levelling Up agenda.

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Property and asset strategies

Innovative approaches to property assets can unlock new investment opportunities and drive cost savings.

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